A Passion for Teaching - Dave Pietro

Music education has always been very important to Dave. Since receiving his Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education at the University of North Texas, Dave has taught in a number of different settings.  He has been an adjunct faculty member at Hofstra University, Long Island University (CW Post) and the City College of New York and for 15 years Dave was on the faculty of the Jim Widner Summer Jazz Camps.  Currently, he is Director of Jazz Studies at New York University and also teaches at NYU's summer workshops in New York and Prague.   Dave has traveled to hundreds of schools across the country giving master classes and performing concerts co-sponsored by the Conn-Selmer Company.  He is in high demand for his excellent rapport with students and his ability to make any workshop a fun, educational and musical experience.

“Thank you for your impeccable musicianship, your passionate teaching and motivational talents, and your genuine warmth and humor as a human being. The students have expressed how impressed they were with you as a player and as a person. Your words of advise and encouragement touched them deeply, primarily because your interactions with them were always honest and sincere.” - Stephen Massey, Foxboro High School -- Foxboro, Massachusetts

“...We’ve been fortunate to have worked with many of today’s top jazz names and I can honestly say we’ve never had a more beneficial clinic.” - Nate McClendon, Valley High School -- Las Vegas, NV





“You have a tremendous connection and rapport with young people; you are clear and concise in instruction, and expressive in a way that children can relate to. Not only were they enriched in their musical knowledge, they also left the clinic with enthusiasm for practicing, writing, and listening to music.” - Kimberly Smith, Wakefield High School -- Wakefield, Massachusett

“Our students learned about jazz improvisation, jazz history, music theory, practice techniques, melody harmony and form, saxophone technique, woodwind instruments, and music careers. All of this was done in a very entertaining and captivating style.” - Dave Parker, Gladstone High School -- Gladstone, Oregon

“The students seemed to respond quite well to your confident and relaxed approach. Your clear and well-worded presentation was most effective. With your skill as a clinician and performer, you should be of similar value to many schools across the country.” - Dr. Steven Mauk, Ithaca -- Ithaca, New York

Dave Pietro on Jazz Articulation

“Your lecture/recital was very motivating and inspirational for the members of the jazz ensemble. You really showed them a broader perspective of music and the business of music. You are an extremely gifted musician and also possess a great talent for educating.” - Timothy Ishii, Texas Wesleyan University -- Fort Worth, Texas








“Our students had a wonderful experience with Dave. He is of course a superb musician. What impressed us is what a tremendous teacher he is. The students absolutely loved him as a clinician. They want us to try to get him to come again next year, and they want us to set up the clinic as a four or five day event! The students grew musically, are much more interested in improvising and playing in general. Our administration was impressed by what they saw, and the parents were absolutely blown away by the concert that followed the clinics. Thanks so much!"  - Gary E. Hall, Director of Bands, Loveland High School -- Loveland, Colorado