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D'Addario Woodwinds

D'Addario Woodwinds

D'Addario Woodwinds

Jimmy Katz Photography

Jimmy Katz Photography

“...a superb saxophonist...a very accomplished composer.”
Paul Evoskevich - Saxophone Journal

“A fine fiery saxophonist and a talented arranger. An adventerous yet lyrically reflective musician who opts for open-ended fresh compositions and group empathy.”
John Murph - Jazz Times Magazine

“Alto saxophonist Dave Pietro possesses a beautiful sound. He also has terrific command of the saxophone, a great time feel, plenty of imagination and a gift as a composer.”
Billy Kerr - Saxophone Journal

“As a soloist, Pietro demonstrates power, energy, intelligence and humor. As a composer and band leader, he shows a love for music that swings, but maintains harmonic and melodic complexity.”
Frank Alkyer - Downbeat Magazine

“Pietro has great chops and a profound imagination, and possesses a warm, accessible, lyrical sound...”
Lee Lowenfish - New York Jazz Newsletter

“Pietro writes tunes that are both colorful and complex, yet provide plenty of room for creative improvisation. He places his full sounding alto sax right in the middle of the proceedings, creating solos that are rooted in the jazz tradition, but are remarkably cliche free.”
Alan Chase - Spotlight (Portsmouth Herald)

“Pietro is a smooth operator whether performing on soprano, alto or C-melody saxophones...he shows effortless command of his alto and it is apparent that Pietro possesses a fine compositional pen besides his laudable prowess as a skilled and quite seasoned technician.”
Glenn Astarita -


“He has his own distinctive sound and approach. It’s apparent that Pietro has the chops needed to keep the jazz mainstream fresh...”

— Lou Kannenstine - Green Mountain Jazz Messenger

“Though gifted with virtuosic technique, Pietro makes his point with a lyrical sensibility grounded in the soul of evocatively crafted charts. Dave voices clearly delineated lines with one of the most appealing alto sounds in jazz. Eschewing theatrics, he swings with a postbop abandon in which every note, every phrase, every solo rings true.”

— Chuck Berg - Jazz Times Magazine

“Dave is a consummate saxophonist and composer... with a very unique approach to the jazz language. He combines a netherworld of harmonic intensity and tasteful altissimo...with sensitive and tasteful blowing.”

— Tim Price - Saxophone Journal

“...a radiant soloist. His improvisations take on color and emotional heat as he swings with fury.”

— Dr. Herb Wong - Jazz Educators Journal

“The most noteworthy characteristics of Pietro’s playing are the pure tone and smooth phrasing, as well as the attention to melody that pervades his solos and his pleasing, gently swinging compositions.”

— Jon Andrews - Downbeat Magazine